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Defining Grace with Your Heart

Defining Grace

Defining Grace

Grace /grās/noun

(In Christian Belief) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings
In Wikipedia:
Divine Grace is a theological term present in many religions. Defined as the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses, and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation; and as an individual virtue or excellence of divine origin.


I’m so glad I didn’t look at the definitions for Grace when asked by a fellow blogger for an interview promoting my first novel, Restoring Grace. Defining grace shouldn’t come from a dictionary, but the heart.
But, I have to be honest, when she asked me, “What does ‘grace’ mean to you?” I froze.


I’m a writer focusing on God’s Grace and I didn’t know what to write for the interview question.
OOPS is an understatement!

I remembered what my favorite Sunday School teacher says most Sundays. Defining Grace means God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense.

Soo… I started writing…

Grace to me is about a gift, freely given that can’t be earned from a loving father. My own father wasn’t a nice man, and it took many years for me to see God as a loving father when I had such a bad example growing up.
God had to teach me about how to define grace in my own life and the lessons were taught OVER AND OVER because trust does not come easily to me.

But, that’s what Grace is… God continually reaching out to His children to show His love to us.

A family of secrets, hidden abuse that felt normal because we knew no other way.

It wasn’t until I went to college and started seeing a therapist after a suicide attempt in my second year that I was able to start processing the hell my family had been living in with my dad.
Diagnosed with PTSD at an early age, it amazed to me to learn families weren’t supposed to look like ours. Being filled with fear, criticism, and self-loathing was NOT NORMAL.

I soon learned that while I understood the basics – I had NO CONCEPT of God as a loving father.

A long journey that thankfully God never left me to walk alone. I can’t tell you that I understood quickly, or during my four years at college. I actually stumbled. Fell backward, lost my faith, regained it, to only lose it a bit later when something big and awful happened.
But God… NEVER GAVE UP. He still comes to find me, daily! I just have to open the door to let Him in.

Does any of this sound familiar? Has God chased you down – a time or two or three – like me?

I don’t have to be perfect – God is perfect!
I don’t have to be lovable – God is love!
I don’t have to be worthy – God chooses me anyway!

Grace is God choosing us, me because He is a GOOD FATHER!

Take a moment to let that sink in.

*Waiting with a smile.

So… as you finish reading this post, know God love’s you and shows you GRACE DAILY! Take a look around and you’ll find it. Sprinkled throughout your day.

Until next time, may God’s grace surround you,

Defining Grace

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  1. Your posts are very inspirational! I read the feature article on our Shaw website and decided to try to find your book. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading your books. It’s wonderful to see you living God’s promises. It’s amazing to see what he can do when we just give in and let him take over our lives.

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy. I hope you enjoy my novels. Shaw is a great place to work and I love how they support our personal dreams as well. Blessings, Anna Christine

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